Sunday, November 17, 2013


Jumper: Vintage,  Scarf: Forever 21,  Hat: Forever 21,  Boots: Timberland

One thing you'll never understand is how much I love fall! I mean not even Chipotle, Niall Horan, and Grease 2 mixed into one little bundle of amazingness can make me this happy. 
That's why I wanted to make a fall favorites post. So with out further a do my fall favorites!


Grandpa Sweaters
Pumpkin Carving
Hunger Games
Skater Skirts
Burning Candles
Listening to Florence + the Machine
Hot Chocolate
Bowler Hats
Oxblood Nail Polish
Beat up Boots
Leaf Piles
Polka Dot Tights
Wearing Satchels
The Carrie Diaries
Writing on Stationary 
Infinity Scarves
Leaves change colors
Cool Weather
No more bees
High Waisted Jeans


and the list could go on for ages!

Farewell for now my fashion forward munchkins 

ps. What did the tree say to autumn? leaf me alone!

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Swingin Party

Scarf: Forever21, Bowler Hat: H&M, Trench: Macy's, Socks: Target, Cross body: DIY Shoes: Nordstroms Rack

Wow I haven't said that in the longest!
Well, its nice to be back I really did miss blogging. I feel like this blog has breaded itself into me, this blog is my adorable little cyber baby and I just love it! This month I actually LOVE quite a few things so if you see a series of explanation marks in this post don't be fazed.
I don't know if you can tell, but this is another one of my uniform post ( I know I do a great job of concealing my uniform *hairflick* its a gift) and I hope these give you inspiration on how you can and a bit of flavor to your prison clothes ( lol, I mean school uniform)! 
This morning I was having one of those mini heart attacks, you know when you catch the 'I don't have anything to wear' syndrome, and I couldn't find anything to wear. So I literally went through my entire wardrobe and unearthed my lovely skirt! I decided to use this as my base and added those quirky taco socks you see me attempting to jump in. Then, I folded over my combat boots to showcase the vocal point of my outfit. This was completely unplanned, but I love how my plaid scarf kinda sorta matches the rim of my socks and my trench coat pairs nicely with my boots. To be honest once I put all those layers on I wasn't even hot and it was 74 degrees outside. Maybe since I was determined to wear this getup I just completely ignored the heat and everyone who asked me if I was secretly melting in all my layers.
I really want to give myself a pat on the back because I was one of the few people who discovered that wonderful indie pop singer Lorde before anyone could start singing 'Royals', her most popular song. I mean it was quite evident because I would walk the halls singing 'Biting Down', at lunch burst out singing 'Royals' and in the car sing, my favorite song by her, 'Swingin Party'!! I really love Lorde her sound is sick and I think you should give her a listen!! Pweeaasseee, for me!! Oh, to start you off check out Royals I think you'll be spitting her lyrics as often as I do!

Farewell for now my fashion forward munchkins!

Saturday, September 7, 2013

White Chalk on Blackboards

 Eyelet Blouse: TJ Maxx  Polo: Target  Pants: Target  Shoes: Coach  Headband: Forever 21  Earrings: Forever 21  Bracelet: Claire's

 Backpack: Target

Reggie Bush and I
 Wait... what
No it couldn't be?!?
Yes your eyes aren't deceiving you its my first day of school outfit and school supplies post, HOORAY! My first day of school was pretty exciting mainly because I met a celebrity, got Chipotle, and the weather was so nice. Usually something eventful always occurs on the first day of school for me (I guess I'm just that cool am I right or am I right!) and this year I met Reggie Bush, a football player for the Detroit Lions. While I was chowing down on my Chipotle this mega buff guy walks in and my dad's eyes legit light up and he demands me to go take a picture with this man. So I'm trying to get all the food out of my braces while Reggie Bush is ordering his chicken burrito (don't ask me why I remembered his order) I walk up to him and I poke his bicep (yes it was rock hard) asking him if I could take a picture, pretty sure I still had food in my teeth too. Of course he says yes because who wouldn't want to take a picture with me and my sisters were so jealous! So their we have it I met my first celerity and touched someone who dated a Kardashian. WOOT WOOT!

Now on to my outfit, since it was rather warm I rolled up my school pants and they transformed into capris. On top I wore my white eyelet lacey blouse over my school shirt with my oh so famous Betsy Johnson necklace and a couple more accessories.

Lastly, I wanted to share with you what's in my backpack! I basically have the standards: notebook, folders, planner, and pencils all of these are a necessities for basically everyone. Though, this year I'm in eighth grade so I need to stay extra organized because I'm going to be testing a lot, studying, and blogging of course. Planners help out with balancing a schedule for those super busy chicas, I think they are a wise thing to invest in or just a simple journal that you can write important dates in. I know everyone loves their school supplies to be interesting and a really cheap way to do that is by ripping out little pictures from old magazines and pasting them to your classic composition. This is also a really fun craft to do with friends or by yourself either way customizing your notebook is a super easy DIY that anyone can do. When I have "free time" at school I usually read a book or listen to music. I'm not allowed to pull out headphones in the middle of class,but at lunch or after school  you could definitely whip out those bad boys. I also love EOS Lip Balms they're really good for moisturizing your lips and who wouldn't want all their classmates thinking that you're rubbing a colorful egg on your lips! Well, this concludes my Back to School post I'll probably make another because I wear uniforms more often than regular clothes during this time of year.

Farewell for now my fashion forward munchkins!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013


     Shoes: Lord & Taylor 

Shoes: TJ Maxx

 Shoes: Nordstrom Rack

         Oxfords, Oxfords, Oxfords!! 
These shoes are my all time favorite. I really love shoes with patterns and my cheetah print oxfords are so quirky it's unbelievable! While taking these shots I thought doing this Michael Jackson-esque relevae would be really cool until I truly experienced the pains of a pointe dancer. Once I went up on my tippy toes I came down mighty fast and I'm so glad I didn't take a whole shot of my body because I was surely not Pillsbury Dough boy happy. On to the next pair, my  all black oxfords have a little ballet flat twist so they're very comfortable. I plan on wearing these pair to school (yes I just  said the dreadful S word, school) since my school has a dress code. This pair has subtle speckles of silver and with silver accessories the speckles are really brought out. Now for the finale, my last pair are the dressiest. Whenever I slip these bad boys on my Michael Jackson alter ego turns on as soon as they're laced up. This pair actually has every color of my drab uniform in them so I'm going to wear these to school also. Even though dress code states each student is suppose to wear all black shoes I'm going to be a rebel this year! Talking about school makes me depressed now that summer is slowly leaving, but I plan on customizing my uniform which will brighten up my day just a bit. In the future I do plan on making a post centered on uniforms and school so stay tuned. 
Which pair of oxfords were your favorite 1,2,or 3 leave a comment it would make my day!

   Farewell for now my fashion forward munchkins! 

Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Who Are You?
   Diop (Dee-op) Russell  
Big haired dreamer with a blog.

Diop as in:
Aloha saying, twirling elf, pointy shoe lover, professional internet user, artsy kind of girl. 
The purpose of this post is to get you to know me and depending on how fast you read you'll be welcomed into my world in no time.

1. Honestly, the only television show I watch is "The Carrie Diaries" if you asked me to recite the first episode for you I'd change my voice for each character and everything.

2. Ditsy is my favorite word and I use it to describe every walking form of life.

3. Chipotle is the bomb!

4. I get mistaken for a 10 year older WAY too often

5. My day consist of listening to Lorde (not as in the Lord, but the artist Lorde), reading old magazines, reacting The Great Gatsby, and taking pictures. 

6. I really love converse with all my heart

7. Cold weather is the best, I rather lay around in covers than sweat in the sun.

8. My sisters and I could sit around watching Grease 2 on a loop and never get tired of it.

9. Me: Never been on an air plane. You: Whaaa ?!?

10. Polka Dots or Floral Print? BOTH!

Now you are all prepared to stalk me! Just kidding with ya!! Hopefully, we can be friends now and virtual high fives all around for reading this!! 

Farewell for now my fashion forward munchkins


Wednesday, August 7, 2013


 Blouse: TJ Maxx Sweater: TJ Maxx Jeans: Gap Shoes: Converse Sunnies: Handmade 
Necklace: Betsy Johnson Purse: Coach

I really didn't know I had this much navy blue! I really dig today's outfit because its quite basic. One color outfits actually save you quite a bit of time when you're in a rush. This morning I literally just gathered a collection of things in the same color family and headed out. Now before you say anything, it was blinding outside so I had to put on my sunglasses and my neon sunnies aren't one bit navy blue so just excuse them. On a different note, today we went to Whole Foods (one of my favorite places) where my sisters and I had a photo shoot. I pulled out my handy dandy camera and we captured every step we took. I realized two things today:
1. I have the world's weirdest walk.
2. When at Whole Foods laugh very quietly, or all the elderly women will grim you to an extreme!
(I didn't mind because I was enjoying my pizza way to much and my family is quite entertaining.) 

Farewell for now my little fashion forward munchkins.


Saturday, August 3, 2013


Skirt: Forever 21 Tank: Forever 21 Necklace: Betsy Johnson Shoes: Nordstroms Rack Bracelet: Claire's

Today I wanted my outfit to take on more of a monochromatic vibe, but as shown I didn't really go down that route. While picking out my outfit I heard a little cry come from my closet, it was my all time favorite clickity-clackity combat boots begging me to wear them. I couldn't resist and threw them on. Then I added a couple more neutral accessories so my babies (my over worn combat boots) wouldn't look too out of place. 
Oh, if you haven't heard the news yet my birthday was just three days ago, and I celebrated with some of my chummies, Zoe left and Tamia right. Our day consisted of staring at a gigantic screen watching little blue elves prance around (or in other words watching Smurfs 2), shopping, and eating at Red Robins! I must say today was pretty awesome, plus I had a good hair day which is always amazing.

Farewell for now my little fashion forward munchkins