Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Who Are You?
   Diop (Dee-op) Russell  
Big haired dreamer with a blog.

Diop as in:
Aloha saying, twirling elf, pointy shoe lover, professional internet user, artsy kind of girl. 
The purpose of this post is to get you to know me and depending on how fast you read you'll be welcomed into my world in no time.

1. Honestly, the only television show I watch is "The Carrie Diaries" if you asked me to recite the first episode for you I'd change my voice for each character and everything.

2. Ditsy is my favorite word and I use it to describe every walking form of life.

3. Chipotle is the bomb!

4. I get mistaken for a 10 year older WAY too often

5. My day consist of listening to Lorde (not as in the Lord, but the artist Lorde), reading old magazines, reacting The Great Gatsby, and taking pictures. 

6. I really love converse with all my heart

7. Cold weather is the best, I rather lay around in covers than sweat in the sun.

8. My sisters and I could sit around watching Grease 2 on a loop and never get tired of it.

9. Me: Never been on an air plane. You: Whaaa ?!?

10. Polka Dots or Floral Print? BOTH!

Now you are all prepared to stalk me! Just kidding with ya!! Hopefully, we can be friends now and virtual high fives all around for reading this!! 

Farewell for now my fashion forward munchkins