Wednesday, August 21, 2013


     Shoes: Lord & Taylor 

Shoes: TJ Maxx

 Shoes: Nordstrom Rack

         Oxfords, Oxfords, Oxfords!! 
These shoes are my all time favorite. I really love shoes with patterns and my cheetah print oxfords are so quirky it's unbelievable! While taking these shots I thought doing this Michael Jackson-esque relevae would be really cool until I truly experienced the pains of a pointe dancer. Once I went up on my tippy toes I came down mighty fast and I'm so glad I didn't take a whole shot of my body because I was surely not Pillsbury Dough boy happy. On to the next pair, my  all black oxfords have a little ballet flat twist so they're very comfortable. I plan on wearing these pair to school (yes I just  said the dreadful S word, school) since my school has a dress code. This pair has subtle speckles of silver and with silver accessories the speckles are really brought out. Now for the finale, my last pair are the dressiest. Whenever I slip these bad boys on my Michael Jackson alter ego turns on as soon as they're laced up. This pair actually has every color of my drab uniform in them so I'm going to wear these to school also. Even though dress code states each student is suppose to wear all black shoes I'm going to be a rebel this year! Talking about school makes me depressed now that summer is slowly leaving, but I plan on customizing my uniform which will brighten up my day just a bit. In the future I do plan on making a post centered on uniforms and school so stay tuned. 
Which pair of oxfords were your favorite 1,2,or 3 leave a comment it would make my day!

   Farewell for now my fashion forward munchkins!