Monday, August 31, 2015

The District

hat: vintage
tee: h&m
necklace: bcbg maxazria
skirt: forever 21
sandals: dsw


Aloha guys,
it's D coming at you from D.C! 
Vacationing in the District has been the highlight of my summer. I mean, I've done a lot of cool stuff  but, nothing compares to the Nation's Capital. This city is so alive and the more time I spend here, the more information I learn. So, I guess you could call this post

Diop's Guide to Diop's City!

yeah, I hope you knew that the D and C in D.C. stood for that ;) 

1. The District is maaaaaad humid. Even if it's -1 degrees, you could go from being BeyoncĂ© to a member of the Jackson 5.

2. Everyone in D.C. has a dog, so make sure you bring your furry friend along for the ride!!

3. The houses are so freakin colorful. If you wanna see properties way cooler than your vintage Barbie Dream Home definitely visit Gerogetown.

4. If you ever have a taste for a milkshake that brings all the boys to the yard make sure you hit up Ted's Bulletin and order a huge Oreo Milkshake, 'cause you're with it girl!

5. Ante up a couple of bucks, so you can rent a bike. Trust me, your sandals are way too cute to do all that walking in.

6. If you plan on going to the National Mall be equipped with your camera and handy dandy selfie stick because nothing's cooler than a pic with the prez.

7. I'm pretty sure D.C. has more restaurants than actual people, so unleash your inner fat kid. Then work it all off in the morning, of course!!

8. There is always something to do in D.C. so don't be shy. Talk to strangers. 

9. If you wanna go bankrupt, there's no better way to go broke than in the Nation's Capital. Do some retail therapy at D.C.'s Shopping District and you'll feel less guilty.

10.  Make sure you tell me! If you ever hit up Washington D.C. make sure you share  your experience with me. I absolutely adore the city and I would love to find new places to explore!

farewell for now my fashion forward friends

Sunday, August 16, 2015

The Hills

studs: target
tee: h&m
shorts: old navy
sandals: dsw

Aloha guys,
Welcome to a land that's painted with rich color and bounties of merriment. Welcome to a world where the rays of the sun caress your skin. Welcome to my world!! 

This summer has been an absolute dream. I've been doing yoga poses in the grass, racing up hills, and most importantly basking in the sun. It doesn't get better than this, I swear! My appreciation for nature has been in full bloom, I mean just checkout my Instagram. So I let Mother Nature take over this shoot.

I stumbled across a park that's covered with miles of grass and a sky that stretches on for lifetimes. When I took a seat a heavenly scene overwhelmed my eyes and I knew right then that I had to take some pictures. So I started dancing in the luscious grass and you could say magic happened. 

I put on my periwinkle v-neck and my tropical, high rise shorts. I was dressed pretty relaxed, but I like how my shorts make it look like I put in some effort. This outfit is easy and it really complimented that super awesome mural. Today was an amazing day. I hope the rest of my summer plays out like this. 

Farewell for now my fashion forward friends 

-Nature Appreciator, Diop 

Friday, July 31, 2015



Happy Birthday Diop!!
(fireworks explode)

Aloha guys, I hope you marked your calendars because today is my birthday!  I know you've been waiting all year long for this extravagant celebration so, I decided to make this post extra special.  

Today, I threw on my vintage floral midi skirt. Its petticoat adds volume and a young Carrie Bradshaw twist. I paired my floral skirt with an off the shoulder, lace blouse. Then I slipped into my camel wedges/stilts to give me some height. And I crowned myself queen with a multicolored floral headband.

I absolutely love this look and I adore these photos. Can we just give my sister a big round of applause for capturing these beautiful images. I also want to thank everyone for the birthday wishes. It's been an amazing day! 

farewell for now my fashion forward friends


Friday, July 17, 2015

Jaune Fille

earrings: target
tee: h&m
jeans: aeropostale
sandals: dsw
bag: vintage coach





Aloha guys,

Summer has finally arrived and I'm basking in its beauty.  As soon as the weatherman  promised it would be 74 degrees, I grabbed my camera and headed out the door. My summer has been drenched in rain and filled with storm clouds so, I had to go outside and blog this beautiful day. Capturing these photos was a interesting experience. My sisters and I went on a quest to find a set for our photo shoot. We faced one obstacle,*cough cough* the sun. Each time we whipped out the camera, the sun's ultra violent rays took over the picture and my eyes transitioned into an awful squint. As the sun raged on, my sisters and I retreated back home and found the perfect spot. We setup the camera in our drive way under a shade tree and right in front of my dad's old station wagon. The perfect amount of light peaked through the tree's leaves and the photo shoot commenced. 

I put on a pair of light wash jeans, that came with rips in the knee to add a soft grunge touch.These boyfriend jeans are beyond comfortable and they were only three bucks, I know three bucks!! I slipped on my classic white sandals, that give off a Birkenstock vibe. Then I matched the buckles on my sandals with some sliver hoops and my vintage Coach saddle bag. I finally topped off the look with a bright yellow basic tee. I absolutely adore this outfit because it is great for prancing around in the sunshine. I will  be rocking this minimalistic outfit all summer long!

Farewell for now my fashion forward friends


Sunday, August 3, 2014

Another Year Older

Blouse: Charlotte  Russe   Bottoms: TJ Maxx

Aloha guys,

So I don't know if you have been watching your local news station lately, but there is this new holiday that everyone should celebrate! I mean there is Chipotle, big hair, and a whole bunch of sparkle, so what's not to love? Now I know this is pretty overwhelming (especially since the last time I posted was like in April ) but this fabulous holiday just is too much! So you can stop biting your nails because I'm about to reveal the name of this holiday.

drum roll please...

It's Diop's Birthday!

Guys, can we just make this a thing. I never put a birthday post up on my actual birthday, but you still need to mark July 31st in your calendar. I had such a good time thanks to my family and friends and I'm very grateful. This year is a new beginning and I really am going to most more often.

Farewell for now my fashion forward munchkins 

Friday, April 11, 2014

Electric Feel

Sweater: Armani    Skinnies: Target   Shoes: Coach 

Hey there lovely,

So you will never believe what I'm about to tell you! I am actually outside. I know, it's kinda incredible especially since I live in freaking Antarctica. I mean I just can't believe the fact that I walked outside without catching frost bite. It might be -2 degrees outside, but it feels so good to see the sun again. So since my case of Spring Fever is so bad I'm going to do a Spring favorites post.


Burning by: Elana K. Arnold

Long Car Rides

Boyfriend Jeans

Breathing in Fresh Air

Paper Towns by: John Green

 Plunging Necklines

Bottle Cap Sunnies


Warm Weather

Electric Feel by: MGMT

Ankle Strapped Heels

Crop Tops

Cut Outs

Pretty in Pink

Hazy by: Rosi Golan

Sipping Blackberry Lemonade

Rereading the Hunger Games Series

Slices of Pineapple

the return of the flowers

blue skies

tropical prints

Saying " it's too hot outside"

basically that sums everything up

Farewell for now my fashion forward munchkins 

ps. can February March? No, but April May

Saturday, March 15, 2014


Shirt: Vintage  Dress: H&M  Necklace: Betsy Johnson  Oxfords: Nordstrom Rack

• Three Months Later •
Aloha guys,
I have finally gotten up from under my rock and I'm back in the blogging business! I know, I know your probably thinking why haven't you been posting, Diop? The answer to your question is the simple phrase that every single human being has used: "I've been really busy!" What an excuse, but it's true. I have some super interesting post planed and some really exciting news, but you'll have to stay tuned to find out!
On with the outfit, this year I've been playing with my style and I think I might get married to this oversize, vintage button down. I mean what's not to love?! The print is obnoxious meets tribal meets '90s. I stole this little treasure out my dad's closet and ever since I ripped it off the hanger its been love at first sight. My dad 'accidentally' threw it away, but not even the trash could separate us from being together. Enough about my shirt, let's give my dress a bit of attention. So basically, this dress comes in handy for almost everything. I mean if I casually wanted to stroll by the county jail I'd just blend right in and look fabulous at the same time.(Now that's how you multitask, lol) My striped dress is such an essential and I thought it would really compliment the shirt. This outfit has been one of my favorites because it's quite edgy and I love the mixture of patterns. Honestly, I could wear it everyday!
Guys, I can't express to you how much I've missed blogging and now that I've started I don't know if I can stop. So for now on expect more post in the future!

Farewell for now my fashion forward munchkins!