Saturday, September 28, 2013

Swingin Party

Scarf: Forever21, Bowler Hat: H&M, Trench: Macy's, Socks: Target, Cross body: DIY Shoes: Nordstroms Rack

Wow I haven't said that in the longest!
Well, its nice to be back I really did miss blogging. I feel like this blog has breaded itself into me, this blog is my adorable little cyber baby and I just love it! This month I actually LOVE quite a few things so if you see a series of explanation marks in this post don't be fazed.
I don't know if you can tell, but this is another one of my uniform post ( I know I do a great job of concealing my uniform *hairflick* its a gift) and I hope these give you inspiration on how you can and a bit of flavor to your prison clothes ( lol, I mean school uniform)! 
This morning I was having one of those mini heart attacks, you know when you catch the 'I don't have anything to wear' syndrome, and I couldn't find anything to wear. So I literally went through my entire wardrobe and unearthed my lovely skirt! I decided to use this as my base and added those quirky taco socks you see me attempting to jump in. Then, I folded over my combat boots to showcase the vocal point of my outfit. This was completely unplanned, but I love how my plaid scarf kinda sorta matches the rim of my socks and my trench coat pairs nicely with my boots. To be honest once I put all those layers on I wasn't even hot and it was 74 degrees outside. Maybe since I was determined to wear this getup I just completely ignored the heat and everyone who asked me if I was secretly melting in all my layers.
I really want to give myself a pat on the back because I was one of the few people who discovered that wonderful indie pop singer Lorde before anyone could start singing 'Royals', her most popular song. I mean it was quite evident because I would walk the halls singing 'Biting Down', at lunch burst out singing 'Royals' and in the car sing, my favorite song by her, 'Swingin Party'!! I really love Lorde her sound is sick and I think you should give her a listen!! Pweeaasseee, for me!! Oh, to start you off check out Royals I think you'll be spitting her lyrics as often as I do!

Farewell for now my fashion forward munchkins!